Ordering Tips

Often times we get asked How much should I buy?  It depends on how much you like to eat and what you want; a fillet, whole fish, mussels and clams as a side, or mixed in with a pasta.  Whether you are ordering for a family dinner, or for a party of 12, we can offer these guidelines to help you purchase accordingly. 


Individual Serving Size


Appetizer: 6-12  |  Dinner or bake: 12-18  |   Pasta dish:8-10 little neck size

Fillet of Fish:

Lunch: 5-7 oz. |  Dinner: 8-10 oz.

King Crab:

Dinner: 1.5-2 legs

Live Lobster:

Dinner: 1.25-2 lb. (leftovers are great for breakfast)

Lobster Tails:

Dinner: 8-10 oz.


Appetizer: .5 lb. |  Dinner: 1 lb.  |  Pasta dish:.5 lb.


Appetizer: 4-6  |  Dinner: 8-10  |   Half shell treat: 6-8


Dinner:4-6  |   Pasta dish: 4 jumbo/ large  or 10-12 Bay scallops 

Shrimp for Cocktail or peel and eat (medium size):

Entertaining: 4-5 per person

Shrimp for pasta or stir fry:

Dinner: 4-5 oz.

Whole fish for Grilling or baking:

Dinner: .75 lb.

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