Lake Erie Yellow Perch

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Yellow Lake Perch on a bed of ice
Product Pack Size: 
Packed: 1 lb. increments
This is a catch weight item. All orders will be approximately 1 lb. each.
Product Description: 
Product of Canada- Wild, Gillnet Caught
  • Culinary Composition: Mild, sweet yet distinct flavor  |  Firm, flaky texture
  • Cooking Methods: Also known as the ultimate pan fish, yellow perch competes against walleye as the most popular freshwater fish. We strongly suggest cooking the fillets with the skin on, and do caution not to overcook as the small fillets can dry out.  Only minimal seasoning is needed, if used at all, as Perch has an excellent flavor on its own. Yellow Perch is extremely versatile and can withstand preparations like deep frying, stuffing and baking, as well as boiling, grilling, sauteing or poaching. Perch is often used in soups and stews as well!
  • Sustainability Ranking: Best Choice- Green


Due to seasonal availability, all yellow lake perch will be packed fresh when available. Should we not have fresh selections available, we will substitute your order with a frozen, IQF yellow perch fillet.  Please note: this fish comes to you with a light row of bones, or pin bones that dissolves during the cooking process but not always guaranteed.  

Price: $31.95

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