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Product Pack Size:
Packed: 4 x 8 oz. portions
This is a catch weight item. All orders will be approximately 2 lb. each.
Product Description: 
Product of New Zealand - Farm Raised
  • About Ora King: A unique, best of breed salmon. A culmination of Ora Kings classical husbandry program where only the finest King salmon with the best culinary traits are selected from generation to generation. As Wagyu is to beef, Ora King is to salmon. Ora King salmon have a distinct appearance with bright silvery skin, a round body, thick belly and short tail section for exceptional yield and even cooking. The high oil content delivers a pleasantly rich, luscious taste with a clean finish and an elegant, silky texture. 
  • Cooking Methods: We recommend baking, broiling, grilling, poaching or sauteing. 
  • Sustainability Ranking: Best Choice- Green (Seafood Watch), BAP Certified, Ocean Wise Recommended 
    • Ora King Controls every step of the process from the egg to the finished product. Each Ora King salmon is traceable not only back to its specific farm, but to its birth at the hatchery. An individually numbered gill tag is attached to each fish to allow for authenticity of origin and traceability for customers. 
    • Ora King facilities are BAP certified by the Golbal Aquaculture Alliance. Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch rates New Zealand King Salmon as Green, meaning it is a Best Choice for consumers- the first and only marine farmed salmon to achieve this rating.

Price: $82.00

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