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Product Pack Size:  2 lb. bag
Product Description: 
Farmed, Product of Bangladesh
Shrimp Scampi have been frozen promptly after harvesting to retain their high quality. The shell is cut and the vein has been removed for fast and easy preparation.
  • Culinary Composition: Sweet in flavor, Medium/ Firm in texture
  • Cooking Methods: Flavorful and sweet, and excellent just about anyway you cook them! Bread them, stuff them, barbecue them and more! We recommend- Boil, Fry, Saute, Steam, Grill
  • Sustainability Ranking: Avoid- Red
  • Please Note: Although all Bangladesh Shrimp rank avoid on the Seafood Watch list, we have worked with the same supplier from our beginning. We have been to the farms assuring that we are buying quality, sustainable and responsibly raised products.  As of 2014, 100% of our supplier's shrimp farms are Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Certified. Achieving this goal echoes their internal high standards and is a reflection of the continued maturation of the shrimp aquaculture industry. 

Price: $95.00

Just in Time For the Holidays!

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