Sole 4/6oz. North Atlantic

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Sole Fillets

Product Pack Size: 
Packed:  2 lbs.
This is a catch weight item. All orders will be approximately 2 lb. each.
Product Description: 
Product of the USA - Wild, Bottom Trawl Caught
  • Culinary Composition: Sweet in flavor  |   Firm in texture  |   Low in oil content
  • Cooking Methods: Like all flatfish, sole yields a thin fillet, which makes it prone to over-cooking. As a result, it’s better suited to poaching, steaming, sauteing or pan frying than to dry-heat methods like baking or broiling. Despite its delicate flavor, fillets are able to stand up to the heavy sauces, however we suggest keeping it simple to let the full flavor of this delicious fish shine through. 
  • Sustainability Ranking: Best Choice - Green

Price: $64.25

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