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Tilapia Fillet

Product Pack Size: 
Packed: 2 lb. increments
This is a catch weight item. All orders will be approximately 2 lb. each.
Product Description:
Product of South America - Farmed, Antibiotic Free, No chemicals added
  • Culinary Composition:  mild flavor, low calories, packed with protein  |  Medium texture  |  Very lean
  • Cooking Methods: Tilapia is highly regarded as one of the best tasting fresh water fish, and is also loved by most for its versatility in the kitchen. Tilapia flavor is something you don't want to cover up, so we suggest keeping it simple and using very minimal or light sauces, seasonings and marinades. Our personal favorite preparation methods are baking, broiling, sauteing, poaching or grilling. 
  • Sustainability Ranking: Best Aquaculture Practices 4 stars.

Price: $26.95

Just in Time For the Holidays!

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