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Product Pack Size: 
Packed: 4 x 8 oz. portions
This is a catch weight item. All orders will be approximately 2 lb. each.
Product Description:
Product of Patagonia- Farmed
  • Culinary Composition: Medium, full flavor  |   Medium to firm texture
  • Cooking Methods: Fresh, consistent quality is a hallmark of the Verlasso brand. Its firm texture, rich color and mild flavor makes every dish a masterpiece. The salmons diet is rich in protein, vitamins, oils and natural algae, ensuring a perfect protein for any recipe. With minimal handling from harvest to delivery, Verlasso processes and ships within 24 hours, offering exceptional seafood product perfect for any occasion.
  • Sustainability Ranking: Good Alternative- Yellow
Good For You
-Never Use Hormones
-Never Use Preventative Antibiotics
-Entirely Non GMO Feed
Good For The Fish
-Waters Are Pollutant Free
-Lots of Room to Grow
-Every Fish Is Traced Back To The Egg
Good For The Ocean
-No Sea Life is Harmed
-Give the Environment a Break
-75% Fewer Wild Caught Feeder Fish

 Salmon Recipe 

Price: $53.90

Just in Time For the Holidays!

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